Official Announcement

1.Got 100 AGVC and 150 OZI in "Public Ozinex" event
2.Fee of Ozinex
3.AgaveCoin Deposit and Trading Bonus - Got up 10%
4.Ozinex Trading Strategy Competition - 100,000 AGVC Giveaway!
5.TXT Trading Airdrop Daily - 1000 AGVC reward daily
6.TuneTrade Swap will be opened in 14th July 2019
7.TXT swap page is live now !!!
8.Stellar Classic Holding Strategy Competition - 100,000 XLMX Giveaway!
9.Econeuark Trading Competition - 15,000 ECOEC Giveaway!
10.Announcement of MBC Delisting
11.Ozinex Sale Rount 1 - End in 15th August 2019
12.Ozinex will not support TXT swap round 2
13.xCrypt Trading Competition - 100,000 XCT Giveaway!
14.Econeuark Trading Competition - Reward List 15,000 ECOEC Giveaway !

Ozinex Sale Rount 1 - End in 15th August 2019

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Hello Ozinexian,
Ozinex will make IEO soon. Now we wanna open OZI Sale Round 1 to 15th August 2019
OZI Sale Round 1:
- Price: 0.05 USDT = 0.0003 ETH = 0.000004 BTC
- Bonus: 30% (Bonus will be added after 24 hours)
- Min Purchase: 1000 OZI
- Total Sale: 3,000,000 OZI token
Where you can buy OZI token?
- ETH:
- BTC:
What is OZI token?
 OZI Token is an ERC20 standard token and The new key driver to the exchange, the token which will be integrated into the OZINEX exchange and gaming platform as a certificate which gives users and project owners access to the OZINEX services, such as paying of listing fees for project owners, daily dividends and reward system for token holders, market markers reward, free games to win OZI token for token holders and traders, airdrop of every new token listed, recommendation commissions, affiliate commissions
What plan to list OZI token (EST: 10th September 2019) ?
- Southxchange
- Ozinex Exhcnage
- We will list to top exchange soon. Dcoin, Coinlimn, Hotbit, Cointiger
Ozinex Business Service